Episode 54: Package Management – Jen Chestnutt

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Reduce stress. Save time. Receive joy. 
Fetch. The future of delivery!

Getting a package is meant to be fun and Fetch, a direct-to-door package delivery company, aims to keep it that way!  Residents love Fetch because it gives them complete delivery control.  Communities love Fetch because it allows them to take package management off their to-do-list  and to save time and money.  Want to learn more?  Listen to this week’s podcast with guest Jen Chestnutt, VP of Marketing at Fetch!    

  • :57 – Meet Jen – VP of Marketing at Fetch
  • 2:01 – What is package solutions? – taking packages off of the on-site teams and outsourcing it to Fetch (the solution) 
  • 2:56 – E-commerce is driving the need for this solution
  • 3:18 – Effect of the pandemic on packaging – 30-40% volume increase and huge increase in larger items like desks, printers, ect.
  • 4:15 – Large items?- Not a problem.
  • 4:45 – What do consumers expect? – All about urgency
  • 5:55 – Stats – Community with 300 units saves onsite teams approximately 35 hours a week by using Fetch for package management
  • 6:42 – How does it work? – Fetch receives the package and safely stores it at their facility.  Fetch notifies the resident that it’s arrived.  Resident uses the app to schedule a convenient delivery window, same-day or any day!  
  • 7:40 – Can handle anything from any carrier – perishables, medications, couches 
  • 8:27 – Liability – Fetch assumes liability and even returns damaged packages on the customers behalf
  • 9:57 – Fetch is on the radar and communities are loving the savings and service
  • 11:03 – What’s next? – Understanding it’s not going away and that it’s an amenity  
  • 11:48 – Returns – ability to do returns is also a key element
  • 13:58 – Preference is key – meet the request of the residents
  • 14:35 – Increase in satisfaction – helps with retention and draws new customers into communities
  • 16:12 – Fetch believes in the experience – want to bring the joy of getting a package to the residents
  • 17:32 – Eliminate package pileup and be package free!  Get Fetch!

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