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Episode 43: Automation Expanding Multifamily Business Models – Steve Lefkovits

“Participating and learning is the answer, not resisting.”

Technology and innovation.  These two trends are shaping the future of the multifamily industry. Steve Lefkovits; a Multifamily Technology, Investor, Advisor and Promoter; joins us today to talk about best practices and how to be a forward thinker.     

Technology is a “silent revolution” and over the last few years, it has become a …[Read More]

Episode 42: Adapting Your Management Style – Clint Pulver

“Management is the #1 reason why people stay, and it’s also the #1 reason people leave a job.”

Are you struggling to create an environment that promotes employee loyalty and retention?  On this week’s episode, Clint Pulver, professional keynote speaker and author of the upcoming book “I Love It Here” provides our listeners with tips on how to do just that!

Over …[Read More]

Episode 41: The One With The Most Emotional Control WINS – Linda Larsen

“It’s all about taking personal responsibility for how we show up everyday in the world.”

Get ready for some laughs with this week’s guest Linda Larsen!  Linda is an international award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author and popular guest co-host on the Florida ABC television show, the Suncoast View.  She is committed to helping people bring the best version of themselves to life …[Read More]

Episode 40: Establishing Yourself as a Industry Leader – Brent Williams

“What’s common knowledge to you may not be common knowledge to others.” 

On today’s show, Brent Williams, founder of the Multifamily Insiders, the largest online professional network in the industry, joins Courtney & Matt to talk about leadership development! Brent loves seeing people grow and uses his company’s platform to help set the stage for individuals looking to establish themselves as …[Read More]

Episode 39: Leadership Under The Same Conditions No Longer Exists – Jessica Fern

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Jessica Fern is a leader in the multifamily housing industry, doubling as a motivational speaker! In this podcast, Matt & Jessica focus on the internal work of mindset management and personal accountability because good leaders are good examples.

The podcast starts by looking at one of our biggest roadblocks – fear.  “In order to grow …[Read More]

Episode 38: Emerging Technologies and Digital Marketing Changes – Brian Fanzo

“Embrace the fact that perfection is a fairytale.” 

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Brian Fanzo, a professional speaker and “digital futurist” for his company, iSocialFanz. Brian aims to educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing in order to successfully reach their customers, many of which are Millennials and Generation Z consumers.

Brian has been recognized as a Top 20 Digital Transformation Influencer, a Top 50 …[Read More]

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