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Episode 97: Planning and Implementing EV Charging in Multifamily Communities – Regan Hartley

Today we are joined by Regan Hartley to cover an extremely popular topic in today’s climate – EV advancements in the multifamily industry! With electric vehicles drastically rising in popularity, Regan emphasizes why it’s important and necessary to have EV charging stations on apartment properties. She covers the in-depth needs and technical requirements involved in installing these stations. She also offers several avenues and resources that multifamily properties can utilize to start the installation process smoothly.

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Episode 96: Using Audio-First Content to Connect with Your Ideal Customer – Sydney Webber & Katie Kane

Sydney Webber and Katie Kane join us to discuss the impact and purpose of creating valuable podcasts! They share their own perspectives as creators and supporters of podcasts and the outreach they facilitate. They also discuss the future uses of podcasts and how they could potentially be utilized for training purposes. Finally, they share some key steps you should take when beginning a podcast of your own and some helpful tips on reaching the right listener.

Episode 95: Blueprint to a Successful Centralized Leasing Model – Kristi Fickert

Today we are joined by Kristi Fickert, an instructor for apartment associations across the country! Kristi discusses centralized leasing with us, why it’s so important and what benefits it adds to multifamily properties. She provides strategies and answers to some of the cautions and unknowns of centralized leasing, shedding some light on how valuable it is for the customers as well as the leasing agents. For more information on leasing centralization, reach out to Kristi to join one of their …[Read More]

Episode 94: Social Media – What You Should Be Doing Today – Erica Byrum

Today we are joined by Erica Byrum, Assistant VP for Social Media at! Erica discusses affordable and efficient ways in which multifamily complexes can hire influencers and produce social media content that will attract renters to their properties. She provides simple solutions that property managers can implement today that will further their outreach and impact. She also highlights the differences between the various social media platforms and how to utilize each of them.

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Episode 93: Building a Healthy Strengths-Based Culture – David Deitz

Today we are joined by David Deitz, President at Birchstone Residential, a fast growing property management group. David joined us to discuss the unique culture that he cultivates in his company for the benefit of his employees. He talks with us about the various methods and efforts you can implement in order to create a strengths-based culture that allows employees to grow and change at their own pace. By encouraging, fostering, and nurturing the needs of your employees, David explains …[Read More]

Episode 92: Employee Mental Health Awareness – Sonya Ruedlinger

Today we are joined by a very special guest – Sonya Ruedlinger, a well-recognized family and psychiatric nurse practitioner, who also happens to be Matt’s wife! Sonya sat down with us to discuss employee mental health and to suggest some ways in which companies can better aid the needs of their employees. She discusses the reactions employees have had from the beginning of the pandemic to the return to work and how this has changed what some deem as a …[Read More]

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