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Episode 101: So Long Security Deposits – Ed Wolff

Today we are joined by Ed Wolff to discuss the growing trend of deposit-free apartments. Ed is the Chief Revenue Officer for LeaseLock, the only company who provides lease insurance for the multifamily industry. In lieu of hefty and troublesome security deposits, LeaseLock provides a means for renters to pay smaller, more affordable monthly fees while providing customizable coverage for multifamily owners. Take a listen and hear all about how LeaseLock operates!

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Episode 100: Our Most Impactful Takeaways So Far – Matt Ruedlinger & Courtney Smith

Join us in celebrating 100 episodes!!! In this episode, we share some of the most impactful messages and ideas we’ve heard while recording this podcast. We’ve learned a lot over the past 2 and 1/2 years and can’t wait to continue being an avenue for connections and voices in the multifamily industry! Thank you to all our listeners for continuing to support us, we can’t do it without you!

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Episode 99: Entrepreneurial Ventures vs Traditional Jobs – Mary Stewart Malone

Today we are joined by Mary Stewart Malone to discuss what true grit looks like in an entrepreneurial sense. She talks about her own personal journey to finding the will power and grit she needed to succeed in an environment that wasn’t catered towards her. She also shares some ways of seeking out employees that demonstrate true passion and drive to do their best, grow, and help shape the business they’re in.

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Episode 98: The Prospects Journey Through Experiences – Karen Gladney

On this episode we’re joined by Karen Gladney to discuss the importance of valuably training employees and setting up spaces in a way that will impact both them and potential residents! She shares some of the biggest misses and biggest musts in developing signature experiences for guests. She also gives examples of how to arrange tours and potential resident visits in appealing and inviting ways, in terms of staging and arranging details. Take a listen and hear this and so …[Read More]

Episode 97: Planning and Implementing EV Charging in Multifamily Communities – Regan Hartley

Today we are joined by Regan Hartley to cover an extremely popular topic in today’s climate – EV advancements in the multifamily industry! With electric vehicles drastically rising in popularity, Regan emphasizes why it’s important and necessary to have EV charging stations on apartment properties. She covers the in-depth needs and technical requirements involved in installing these stations. She also offers several avenues and resources that multifamily properties can utilize to start the installation process smoothly.

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Episode 96: Using Audio-First Content to Connect with Your Ideal Customer – Sydney Webber & Katie Kane

Sydney Webber and Katie Kane join us to discuss the impact and purpose of creating valuable podcasts! They share their own perspectives as creators and supporters of podcasts and the outreach they facilitate. They also discuss the future uses of podcasts and how they could potentially be utilized for training purposes. Finally, they share some key steps you should take when beginning a podcast of your own and some helpful tips on reaching the right listener.

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