Episode 55: Enjoying Your Apartment Community – Evan Happel

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Manage Like A Boss!

If you are in multifamily property management and haven’t heard of the company Luminous, today’s podcast is for you!  Guest Evan Happel, Director of Marketing for Luminous, joins us to tell us about the company and their exciting software solutions built specifically for apartment and condo communities!

  • :56 – Meet Evan – takes his passions for community building and apply it to the physical spaces of an apartment community with solutions like Parking Boss, Amenity Boss, & Community Boss 
  • 2:45 – Who is Luminous?  They focus on the physical aspect of apartment communities and offer good solutions for tackling common problems like parking, amenity use and virtual tours. 3:48 – Important to maintain community and harmony so people can enjoy where they live.
  • 4:32 – Easy to forget all the cool amenities when they are used.
  • 5:02 – Started with Parking Boss – Bought his first condo and discovered the “unsolvable” guest parking problem so software (Parking Boss) was developed to fix it. 
  • 5:59 – How does it work? – Property has access to a dashboard that shows all of the cars on the property.  Smart decals allow them to track each car and monitor guest parking by unit.
  • 7:29 – If a resident uses guest parking property management can know and track it for reinforcement.
  • 8:26 – It’s all about enforcement – you can have a good system that tracks things, but you need to enforce it for it to be effective
  • 9:03 – Generates new parking revenue and boost efficiency
  • 10:10 – Space sharing exists, but it’s not something Luminous does
  • 10:27 – Recommend that every property give each resident a certain amount of free guest parking before they start charging
  • 11:23 – Great increase in the number of unauthorized vehicles in communities since COVID and a program like Parking Boss allows you to identify them and stop abuse
  • 12:35 – Next solution – Amenity Boss – originally designed as a way for controlling capacity issues when COVID hit, but now being used to promote “private reservations” for all amenities.
  • 13:52 – Focus has been on high use areas like fitness areas and pools.  Allows residents to see what spaces are being used and reserve them.
  • 15:51 – Generates new revenue because payment feature is built in!  Being able to charge for amenities and schedule them is a win-win for everyone..
  • 17:32 – Community Boss – built as a solution to pull the other 2 products together.  Essentially serves as the dashboard/hub of the community.  Interactive community directory for residents and guests and great for virtual tours.
  • 19:17 – Based on actual space – blue dot shows where you are on the map in real time
  • If you’re interested in learning more about Luminous and their new technology check out their website https://www.luminousresidential.com/

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