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Episode 50: Coming Out of A Crisis – Jason Stoughton

“The #1 responsibility of a leader is to define reality.” 

How do you control your thoughts, decisions, and actions during a time of crisis? In EPISODE 50, guest Jason Stoughton joins us to talk about personal development and the steps you can take to provide clarity during difficult times. With easy tips and valuable insight, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! 

  • :56 – Meet Jason – International speaker, coach & trainer in value-based leadership and personal development 
  • 2:39 – We all have a unique story – once we step inside our story and decide to own it we no longer have to stand outside of it and struggle for our worthiness 
  • 2:58 – Jason’s story – grew up in a toxic environment and believed he was the problem.  Contemplating suicide when he heard a message of hope that helped him to see life differently.
  • 4:18 – Rather than letting circumstances define us, they should refine us 
  • 4:41 – To change your circumstances you have to first change yourself
  • 5:20 – A house of mirrors – life can be distorted when your focusing on the wrong things
  • 5:45 – Importance of intentional growth and proper focus
  • 6:47 – We all battle distractions – as leaders we have to have the right context
  • 7:25 – John Maxwell’s definition of a crisis – an intense time of difficulty requiring a decision that will ultimately become a turning point.
  • 8:00 – Like all crises, they will pass – as leaders just need to stay strong and steady
  • 8:27 – As adults, we get set in our ways and tend to lose focus, which results in 3 things
  • 8:44 – First, mind wandering – focusing on what could happen instead of what is happening
  • 9:27 – Second, negative thinking – everything that could go wrong is/will go wrong
  • 9:36 – Third, uncertain anxiety – fear of the unknown
  • 10:57 – Start with clarity – be visible and present 
  • 11:54 – Communicate from a position of awareness
  • 12:40 – Hope is an active virtue
  • 13:52 – Take the initiative – ask the question “Have you thought about this?”
  • 15:33 – Assessment tools (DISC) – understanding how we are wired and the differences in human behavior
  • 18:11 – Focus on ourselves and identify what we can do better
  • 18:28 – ACT – A(apply) C(change) T(teach)
  • 19:18 – Creating a leadership culture – test, fail, learn, improve
  • 20:02 – D style learner – focus on controlling environment and achievement
  • 20:48 – I style learner – cheerleader
  • 21:18 – S style learner – supporting
  • 21:46 – C style learner – committed to the bottom line
  • 22:18 – Relationships are the foundation to success


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