Episode 51: Multifamily Technology and Beyond – Lucas Haldeman

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With new technology comes new opportunities!

Lucas Haldeman, CEO and founder of SmartRent, joins us to talk about how property owners, managers and homebuilders are using new SMART technology to more effectively manage their operations. Find out how technology like self-guided tours, parking management, access control, and SMART home automation solutions are benefiting both property managers and residents.

  • 1:04 – Meet Lucas – Founder & CEO of SmartRent and has spent over two decades developing web-based technology for the real estate industry
  • 2:42 – Technology –  Why do we need it?
  • 3:00 – Idea for SmartRent – developed as a solution to help operators who were frustrated because there was no good enterprise control of smart homes 
  • 3:56 – Everyone wins – the operator benefited, but the residents wanted it as well.  Over 90% of residents engage with the app on a weekly basis.
  • 5:20 – So what is the SmartRent App – provides seamless integrations and a robust range of product offerings that can all be managed from one interface.  Allows residents to control smart thermostats and let guests in without a physical key, as well as monitor utility usage, environmental sensors, safety and security.
  • 6:40 – Newest product offering – Alloy Parking 
  • 7:27 – Purpose of Alloy Parking – creates a database of what parking exists and where it exists and then layers in resident and guest parking services 
  • 8:10 – How does Alloy work? – features smart sensors in the parking lot and a smart window tag for cars and then it pushes notifications to the driver to let them know where to park
  • 8:40 – Added benefits to owners – Allows owners to monetize guest parking
  • 9:25 – What drives new technology? – Product roadmap comes from customers – it is driven by owners, operators, and residents 
  • 10:31 – 2020- the year of self-guided tours – owners embraced this change during COVID and realized the benefits
  • 11:45 – Key issue – We are trying to lease apartments when people don’t want to be shopping for them – most self-guided tours happen from 7-9 a.m. 
  • 12:35 – Benefit – Technology enhances the work environment and makes a complicated job easier.  Also helps reduce staff turnover.
  • 13:45 – Biggest perk – the unification of all these point solutions is what the residents like the most
  • 15:11 What’s up and coming? – deeper and more integrations including building and mechanical sensors that can help owners understand ESG scores and improve them
  • 17:46 – Teamwork – Everyone is aligning to make this impactful.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lhaldeman

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Lucas Haldeman, CEO and founder of SmartRent, has spent the last two decades innovating and developing property management technology for the real estate industry. Haldeman’s in-depth multifamily knowledge and experience uniquely position him to start SmartRent. He felt compelled to create the suite of solutions after noticing recurring pain points for property owners and managers that could be solved with IoT and smart home technology solutions managed from an enterprise level. Prior to founding SmartRent, he served as the chief technology and marketing officer of Colony Starwood Homes where Mr. Haldeman and his team developed a platform that was instrumental in helping the business acquire, renovate, lease and manage more than 40,000 single-family homes. Previously, he served as the CIO and marketing officer for Beazer Pre-Owned Rental Homes and was the founder and managing partner of Nexus Property Management.