Episode 4: The Future of Gamification in Property Management – Stephanie Anderson

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Stephanie Anderson is an Industry Operator Manager at the NAA with over 15 years of experience in the property management industry. She is also a certified instructor for NAAEI, with multiple industry top awards in her name.

Did you know?:
Average employees forget 90% of what they’ve learned in a single training session within one month, and 60% within one day.

Stephanie wrote an article on the importance of memorable trainings using gamification to ignite creative engagement, interactive play, and buzz worthy excitement.

Listen in to learn more about:
-What gamification is and how is it used today
-Why it’s important and how it’s presented during trainings
-How it’s structured and rolled out in a way that works for all different types of people/learners
-How gamification can be impactful on the resident/property management business
-Where Stephanie sees this type of training going in the future
-Ways beginners could start getting involved in this type of marketing strategy

Contact Stephanie via email at sanderson@naahq.org or on LinkedIn!