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Episode 5: How to Find the Right Team Members – Seanne Spangenburg

Seanne Spangenburg is a guru when it comes to connecting, recruiting and hiring the right people for the job. She has been involved in property management, operations, and has ran many teams across the country.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • Networking, what that looks like for Seanne, and what she’s looking for in people she’s recruiting
  • Networking face to face or on social media and looking for talent, versus posting a job and interviewing the old-fashioned way and waiting for it to come to you
  • Seanne’s tactics in finding great professional matches and her process with interviewing and hiring
  • Trends and tips in hiring

A quote from the podcast:
“I kind of look at recruiting almost like professional speed dating. You just got to put yourself out there!”

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