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Episode 3: The Importance of Community Involvement – Gabrielle Gonzalez

Gabrielle Gonzalez is an Indianapolis-based innovator and Philanthropist. She has used her love for human interaction and involvement to fuel a career better connecting those in her community. 

Listen in to learn more from Gabrielle about:
-What philanthropy and getting involved in Indianapolis has meant to her
-The importance and benefit of a sense of community and connection, and providing a platform for people to be able to deeply engage with others in their community
-Advice for getting involved in your community, finding what inspires you and who you’re working with, and letting that be the driving force
-How ROI has come into play with the work she’s done and what that has looked like

Quote from the podcast:
“I found that I was so touched by being in a position to help people who might not have otherwise been exposed to a living opportunity like that. I really just wanted to make sure I found a way to continuously impact people who are less fortunate.”

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