Episode 39: Leadership Under The Same Conditions No Longer Exists – Jessica Fern

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“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Jessica Fern is a leader in the multifamily housing industry, doubling as a motivational speaker! In this podcast, Matt & Jessica focus on the internal work of mindset management and personal accountability because good leaders are good examples.

The podcast starts by looking at one of our biggest roadblocks – fear.  “In order to grow as a leader, you have to get out of your own way and get to know your own fears,” Jessica says.  She also encourages people to never stop learning.  “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable” is how she phrases it.  To be a leader, you need to be humble enough to learn from others and be vulnerable. Don’t lead by authority but aim to lead by influence.

Jessica’s other notable accomplishments:
– Apartmentalize Living Room Learning contributor 
– APTvirtual speaker
– Collaborated with Multifamily Leadership filming Legendary Leadership
– Past keynote speaker for Grace Hill Vision Conference, WMFHA’s, & EdCon
– Past panelist at Zillow Unlock, Multifamily Insiders webinar, and AIM
– Author of the podcast “Living with Einstein

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