Episode 40: Establishing Yourself as a Industry Leader – Brent Williams

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“What’s common knowledge to you may not be common knowledge to others.” 

On today’s show, Brent Williams, founder of the Multifamily Insiders, the largest online professional network in the industry, joins Courtney & Matt to talk about leadership development! Brent loves seeing people grow and uses his company’s platform to help set the stage for individuals looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in the multifamily industry.   

Throughout the podcast Brent provides tips on how to nurture and grow leadership roles, both within your industry and your company.  “To be a leader you have to have ideas people want to follow, which means you have to add value.”  You can do this by finding your niche and expanding on it. Instead of trying to be an expert on everything, really dig deep on one topic and help people understand it better.  “What’s common knowledge to you may not be common knowledge to others.” 

Another thing that is critical to being a thought leader is to create a personal brand for yourself.  Brent encourages people to use the storytelling perspective.  Write down the things you have done and use your story to add value to others.  By using these stories as starting points it can help you continue to develop new ideas, so your topics don’t get stale. 

Finally, be okay with not being perfect.  “Critically analyzing your own message leads to success.”  You can’t get better without first starting out.

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