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Episode 20: Automation + Attribution – John Todero

John Todero is the founder and CEO of Dyverse and has been specializing in multifamily digital media management for over 10 years. John and his team have development software to help teams improve client results and boost innovation in the multifamily industry.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • Reporting, tracking, budgeting, and the importance of building a framework
  • Leads, data, and how they very specifically track information
  • Importance of booking and scheduling tours (both in person and now virtual)
  • What John is seeing from the people who their ads are attracting, and what patterns incoming sources are bringing
  • Trends with Google and Google Ads that are worth staying knowledgeable on
  • How all of these things play into his 2021 budget

Connect with John at:
[email protected]
Check out their website at

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