Episode 16: Data Driven Decisions – Shane Gillman

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With over 15 years of experience in residential marketing, Shane is the Senior Marketing Director at Gates Hudson and Virginia State Certified Fire Fighter and trainer. Shane’s experience in lease-up communities, onsite management, training and business development has allowed him to exceed marketing goals in District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Georgia and Florida comprising of over 65,000 units

Listen in to learn more about:
-Putting yourself in your teams shoes, and ensuring they have the tools needed for success
-Shane’s experience using CRM and a Contact Center and how it’s made a positive impact on employees, as well as save time and streamline workloads
-Working more closely with residents on a daily basis, and how that has influenced the type of reviews and feedback Gates Hudson receives
-Carefully assessing and measuring data to ensure better processes and experiences for both tenants and employees

Connect with Shane on LinkedIn, or via email at sgillman@gateshudson.com!