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Episode 10: Your Surroundings Influence Your Behavior – Julie Hornett

Julie works at Wayfair, hiring their creative talent for their in-house 3D and design teams.

Listen in to learn more about:

-What brought Julie to Wayfair and how their brand and mission got her attention and kept her around
-Some interesting facts about the brand, their website and app resources, and ways that technology plays into it all
-How data has helped in the success of Wayfair and their online customer experience
-Renting in different cities and what that looked like for Julie, as well as ways to make a space feel like a home and what her experience with that has looked like
-How Wayfair can be a good resource and tool for those in the property management industry

Learn more about Wayfair, their professional and design consulting services, 3D room planning, and AR & VR tools by visiting the below sites or downloading their app!

3d Room Planner Tool:

Wayfair Professional:

Connect and learn more about Julie on LinkedIn.

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