Episode 11: Remote Management, Then and Now – Jeff Lubow

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Jeff moved to New York City after graduating from Brown University. He started his career working with an advertising agency that is now NBC Universal. While working in the agency world, he was learning as much as he could about real estate, and ended up becoming an investor. He made the career jump from the entertainment world to real estate in 2004, and has been running Bluestone Properties ever since.

Listen in to learn more about:
-Jeff and his impressive career path/story, and how he ended up in the position he’s in now, running his own business
-How he shifted from entertainment to real estate, and why he decided to make a total career change
-Advice on how to continue evolving and acclimating during this time with technology
-His views on working remotely, how productivity has looked from his side, and why he prefers working remotely and using different platforms versus working face-to-face in most situations