Episode 9: How to Keep Your Teams Motivated – Samantha Maurovich

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Samantha works in the tech sector at Salesforce. She is currently Salesforce Global Director of Enablement and Communications in their revenue operations department. She supports a team of change experts whose responsibility is creating employee readiness, enablement, and communication awareness for over 25,000 employees globally.

Listen in to learn more about:
-How Samantha navigated through change management and how that lead her to the role she has now managing people

-Process versus people – how to decipher the root cause of any issues or changes and know which needs to be adjusted and how to do so

-How to motivate and inspire your team in ways that keep them happy, but also productive, especially in today’s working environment

-Samantha’s suggested steps on how to start, or create a game plan to get to where she is in managing her employees

-Approach on creating different types of incentives, depending on the personalities of your employees, and knowing/learning what is going to be appreciated to continue motivating your team

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