Episode 45: Ethics of A Digital Brand – Muhammad Yasin

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“When you’re yourself you’re actually doing your best work.”

Today’s guest Muhammad Yasin, joins us to talk about how to unmask your true identity. Instead of focusing your energy on what you’re NOT, he recommends focusing on what you ARE. He also provides some valuable insight on how to land your dream job and what it means to be authentic in today’s society!

1:05 – Guest intro – Muhammad Yasin, a marketer obsessed with problem solving and growth. 
3:06 – Lunch therapy session – People wear a mask to hide their true identity. Instead of focusing your energy on trying to be what you’re not, increase your happiness by focusing on what you are. 
3:42 – An ah-ha moment – When this clicks, then you can start working to become more authentic and to create space for those around you.  
4:35 – It’s not always black or white – there’s a lot of gray space.  
5:23 – To do vs. not to do – It’s just as much about what you decide to do as what you decide not to do. Lean into the items that fit with you and be good at what you’re good at.   
6:10 – Find a company that fits you – The company doesn’t just choose you.  You get to choose the company as well.  Do your research before an interview so you know if you are a good fit.   
7:45 – Research! – In today’s world there are a lot of different ways you can research companies prior to an interview.  Drive by, read reviews online, check out their website…etc.  There is always something available for you to find. 
8:50 – We all wear masks – Learn to bring your mask down, but also know you can control what you share in different spaces.
10:12 – Stand out from the crowd.  Put your authentic self into your work.  That’s what makes you unique.
12:54 – Rock the interview – 60% of people do their research before the interview, 2-5% do a deep dive. Do your research and don’t start the interview by asking “What do you do?”
14:13 -Singular focus – Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  Have a singular focus on what you want to accomplish.  
16:02 – Be you – If you get hired you will work with your team day in and day out.  Be yourself during the interview and start the relationship then and there to make sure it’s a good fit.  

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Muhammad is a Marketer obsessed with problem solving and growth. Agile methodology, diversity, and authenticity are his soapboxes. He is the EVP of Marketing for the AI Leasing Assistant company PERQ, Host of the Multifamily Sofa Seminar series, Co-Host of Agile Marketing Podcast, Co-Host of The Bridge Podcast, and a writer for Forbes.