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Episode 46: Best Bad News – Breaking Down Customer Feedback – Gary Gregory

“Peel back the emotional layer & look for the root cause!”

Are your customers just a generic number or do you really engage with them and value their feedback? When we get feedback generally we automatically feel like it’s going to be bad news, especially when it comes from our customers. In this podcast our guest Gary Gregory aims to shift this perspective and show how customer feedback (good or bad) can actually unlock valuable insight!

1:01 – Meet Gary Gregory – A leader in the student housing and multifamily industry for over 20 years, two-time best selling author, a former sponsored triathlete and personal trainer, Gary brings the experience, tools, and knowledge to identify the SUPER within you so you can initiate the FANTASTIC around you.
2:25 – The best bad news ever – When we get feedback we generally feel like it’s going to be bad news, especially when it comes from our customers.  In this podcast, we aim to shift that perspective and give you ways to unlock actual valuable insight. 
3:35 – Missing opportunities – By automatically thinking feedback is negative you’re missing opportunities to improve.  Customer feedback is like free consulting information!  
4:45 – 3 types of feedback: Given Feedback, Requested Feedback, Observed Feedback 
8:20 – All feedback is valuable – Feedback allows you to take actionable steps to improve.
9:15 – Don’t take it personally.  Take it professionally.
9:58 – How to respond –  Identify it, investigate it, initiate action, and follow-up.
11:16 Look for the root cause
12:11 – Look for trends
13:05 – Get curious. Ask questions.  
14:57 – Facts and stats
about the importance of responding to reviews
-69% of consumers say they are more likely to use a business that responds to positive reviews
-70% of consumers are more likely to use a business that responds to negative reviews
16:01 – Be better than your competition.  Respond to reviews.  
17:12 – Respond to positive reviews – Thank the customer, be specific and entice them to refer.
18:15 – Respond to negative reviews – Apologize and thank them, respond appropriately, and don’t get into an argument with a customer online. 

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