Episode 43: Automation Expanding Multifamily Business Models – Steve Lefkovits

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“Participating and learning is the answer, not resisting.”

Technology and innovation.  These two trends are shaping the future of the multifamily industry. Steve Lefkovits; a Multifamily Technology, Investor, Advisor and Promoter; joins us today to talk about best practices and how to be a forward thinker.     

Technology is a “silent revolution” and over the last few years, it has become a big part of operating multifamily properties.  Fifteen years ago, data infrastructure was set up with the sole purpose of providing internet access.  Today that same wire is being asked to carry not only the internet signal but also security signals, smart building signals, HVAC-performance signals, and more.  As a result, owners are looking to transform their basic internet infrastructure and install a more robust managed Wi-Fi throughout their communities so everyone (residents, building vendors, etc.) can run through that one network. 

Advancements in technology are also helping to create new opportunities for career advancement.  New innovations in automation are allowing people to expand past their roles in operations and become things like product managers.  “Participating and learning is the answer, not resisting” as more and more companies look to transform from manual labor to digitizing things.  “It’s the way the whole world is going and it’s the way consumers want to interact,” so become part of the flow.  Look to technology partners as “partners” and collaborate with them and your peers in the multifamily industry.  “The things you are doing to make your property better we want to do to make the entire industry better.” 

About Our Guest:
Steve is an advisor to and investor in several technology companies and consults property owners and tech companies on the adoption of technology throughout the apartment industry. His conference business – Joshua Tree Conference Group – provides executive education on technology, marketing, and innovation to the entire industry. His telecommunications and technology company – RealtyCom Partners – advises many of the industry’s forward-thinking owners on the optimization of their data infrastructure, and its future uses in apartment communities.

Contact Info:
Twitter: stevelefko
Call or text: 415-312-1117