Episode 37: Reactive vs Proactive Growth – Kathleen Richards

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“If you’re intentional, you get to make choices everyday about the kind of business you have and you’re more apt to create a business that supports your life for the long run.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Kathleen Richards, the owner of PM Made Easy, a company that aims to help real estate and property management colleagues streamline their operations and increase productivity by offering customizable, professional, and Fair Housing compliant property management forms, letters, checklists, and documents. 

For the last 30 years, Kathleen has been a nationally recognized speaker, instructor, author, and thought leader in the property management field. And right now, Kathleen says, there is a lot of growth pressure within the industry.

“There is such a push to grow and grow quickly, which leads people to be reactive business owners versus intentional business owners who actually have a company that supports them financially, personally, and professionally. Property management is a wonderful business to be in, but you must be intentional and clear about what you want for your business.”

If you are intentional and strategic with your business goals, she says, you will find success much faster.

“When you’re really clear about who’s a good fit for you, then it makes it really easy to say ‘No.’ The intentional business owners are able to say ‘No.'”   
PM Made Easy website: https://pmmadeeasy.com/
20% off coupon code: AOTG2021
Kathleen’s phone number: 800-475-3084
Kathleen’s email: kathleen@pmmadeeasy.com (PM Made Easy) or kathleen@thepropertymanagementcoach.com (coaching services)