Episode 29: The Why and Value of Getting Involved with Associations – Megan Orser

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“…To me, the wealth is so deep in the network that we can rely on, and that’s what really makes us successful.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Megan Orser, the CEO and Director of Professional Development of Smart Apartment Solutions, a company that delivers custom, innovative solutions to a wide variety of property management problems, including marketing, staffing, education, and more.

Megan grew up in the property management industry, as her mom was a community manager and her dad was maintenance technician. At Smart Apartment Solutions, Megan works alongside her mom, Dawn Ford. Between the two of them, they have more six decades of apartment industry experience. Megan also currently serves on 11 local, state, and national committees and councils for property management.

She says the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the property management realm, while also revealing some of its shortcomings.

“Property management is passive with embracing technology or change in general. It took a pandemic for a large part of the industry to get on board with online applications and video, especially in our affordable and low income communities. It also bugs me that some owners and operators don’t find value or support their people getting involved in associations and committees. I have learned a lot from mentors like my mom, but getting involved in something that allows people to come together and share and learn from one another makes me scratch my head on why they don’t see value in that.”

With her extensive experience in professional apartment networking and apartment associations, Megan shares the importance of becoming part of a network that allows you to improve your business through the sharing of resources and experiences, as well as creating and maintaining professional relationships.

Smart Apartment Solutions website: https://smartapartmentsolutions.com/
Indiana Apartment Association website: https://iaaonline.net/
Institute of Real Estate Management website: https://www.irem.org/
Multifamily Insiders website: https://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/
Megan’s Twitter handle: @SmartChickMegan
Megan’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meganorser/
Megan’s email: Megan@SmartApartmentSolutions.com