Episode 1: Evolution of Digital Marketing – Amanda Maclin

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Amanda Maclin is a media rockstar who has worked her way up the last 25+ years in property management. She is a digital marketing expert, who knows the ins and outs of online brand management and a great resource for building a presence that targets your desired audience, no matter your budget. Whether you’re a seasoned digital maven looking for a fresh perspective, or brand new to the world of property management, Amanda’s real-life experience and recommendations for a successful website in this ever-changing industry can be a beneficial listen for all. 

Learn more about:

  • What type of digital marketing Amanda has seen become the most effective over the years
  • How to get started with a limited budget – Getting your qualified prospects to your website 
  • Importance of reputation management and building a strategy
  • How Amanda worked her way through the property management world, and what drove her to the marketing side of the business
  • What you can start right now to get results

Quotes from episode:

“Invest in your own search engine equity, and get them to your website and capture their attention there.”

“You want to make sure your content is honest. It’s got to be real and relevant. Know who you’re trying to appeal to.”

“If your website does not capture the interest of your prospect within that first 3 seconds, you’ve lost them.”

“Find what you love, and stick with it, that’s what’s really helped me in this world.”

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