Episode 68: Pet-Inclusiveness in Multifamily – Judy Bellack

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“We already are starting to see movement in the industry with companies easing their restrictions – in a really smart way.”

Join us in this week’s episode as we talk with the Industry Principal for Michelson Found Animals, Judy Bellack! Judy brings pet-inclusivity to the forefront of the multifamily conversation. Her 30 years of multifamily industry experience has aided Judy in spearheading Michelson’s Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative which collects data and formats resources for apartments to utilize in deciding if allowing pets is the right step for their properties. Through the data and research, Judy and the team at Michelson Found Animals are able to challenge the misconceptions surrounding pets in apartment settings and help properties to realize the advantages of letting residents own pets. Take a listen to learn more about the beneficial manner in which you could invite pets into your apartment settings and check out the resources below for more information!

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