Episode 35: Identifying and Developing a Culture Strategy – Laura Formica

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“Culture is so important. It’s not just a bunch of pretty words to hang up on a poster in your corporate office.” 

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Laura Formica, the Vice President of Operations for Homestead Companies, a real estate development firm that specializes in multi-family, student housing, senior housing, and construction. Laura oversees the day-to-day operations for their student housing, multifamily, and senior living divisions, which equates to about 8,700 student beds and 2,000 multifamily units nationwide.

Over the past year, Laura says COVID-19 caused her to look at necessary industry-wide shifts, including the implementation of automation, streamlining efficiencies, and increased digital marketing efforts. But with the integration of new technologies and strategies, how does this impact company culture?

“I don’t think culture is a ‘one and done.’ I think any organization change is a constant, especially after the year we’ve been through. We’re continually evolving and continuing to grow. Leadership is transitioning and changing, so I think it’s important to continually assess where you are and where your culture is, and take the pulse of that and recalibrate as you go forward.”

Laura explains the importance of a strong foundation and how it can allow a company to show who they are, how far they’ve come, and where they’re going.

Homestead Companies website: https://homesteadcos.com/
Laura’s LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/lauradestro/