Episode 33: Creatively Harnessing Chaos – Claire Haidar

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“What chaos ultimately is, is that, it actually isn’t chaos as we feel it and understand it. It’s just highly, highly networked environment.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Claire Haidar, the CEO and Founder of WNDYR, a company comprised of productivity and human behavior specialists that aim to help companies improve their current work processes by focusing on workflow and technology efficiency improvement. She is also the founder of Pattyrn, a company who strives to improve company and employee performance through data analysis.

“If you go and look at the scientific concept of chaos theory, there’s multiple pinpoints, and all of those pinpoints are a piece within the greater hall, and they’re just undergoing major changes all the time…And that is work, that is work today. We’re global, we’re virtual, and we’re all these nodes within this greater network all undergoing major changes on a daily basis. We’re all figuring out how best to work, and that’s what feelings chaotic. But it actually isn’t.”

Claire speaks on improving the different components and levels of work, knowing that one solution will not fit all scenarios. Just like designing an apartment complex or a multifamily system, she says the processes of working also need to be designed.

“Work is meant to be the place where our souls, minds and hearts come alive! And if this happens, I know in my gut that a solution for every other major problem we face on this planet will come to us much quicker because we will have a world filled with human beings who are being human, not robotic. And this is a very beautiful thing.”

WNDYR website: https://wndyr.com/
Pattyrn website: https://pattyrn.com/
Claire’s LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/clairehaidar/