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Episode 89: Leasing Centralization – Todd Katler

On today’s episode, we sat down with Todd Katler to discuss the topic of leasing centralization. Leasing centralization can be defined several different ways, so Todd gives us his definition that has been developed over several years. He also explains how important it is to engage customers at their level and to meet them where they are. Todd’s company, Anyone Home, comes alongside leasing agents and helps them develop their skills in returning calls and interacting with customers swiftly. Take …[Read More]

Episode 88: Modernization of Tech in Multifamily – Demetri Themelis

Today we are joined by Demetri Themelis, Co-Founder and CEO of Knock CRM! He has spent his 8 years at Knock finding innovative and technological solutions in the multifamily industry to increase productivity, customer engagement, and much more! He discusses the various technology advancements that property managements have successfully used to communicate better with today’s customers and clients, allowing them to shift their focus to more important areas of business. He also talks about the importance of having flexible means …[Read More]

Episode 87: Property Performance Through Talent and Resident Engagement – Kendall Pretzer

In today’s episode we are joined by Kendall Pretzer! Kendall discusses various knowledge and productivity keys to the process of training employees and encouraging talent. She explains how to implement training that reflects the best practices of the company and provides employees with direction and motivation. Take a listen and learn about this and so much more!

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Episode 86: Part 1: Turnover, The New Pandemic – Tyler Marker

Tyler Marker joins us on this episode to discuss one of the most prevalent issues in today’s work environment – employee turnover. In the first of a two part episode, Tyler shares with us the how and why behind the sudden drop in available new hires and the ability to maintain employees. He explores specific statistics and factual reasoning behind these issues and how it has affected the multifamily industry. Be sure to take a listen and be on the …[Read More]

Episode 85: EV Charging Solutions in Multifamily Community – Chris Vargas

Today we are joined by Chris Vargas, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chargie! Chris came on the show to discuss one of today’s hottest topics – electric cars. With their growing popularity, Chris gives insights on how the multifamily industry can ensure they are prepared for the future of charging ports on properties. He highlights the various ways that multifamily communities can affordably implement this new technology and also stresses the importance of doing so sooner rather …[Read More]

Episode 84: The New Revenue Recovery Process – James Neely

Today we are joined by James Neely and his over 20 years of experience in the third party collection industry! He came on the show to discuss the new revenue recovery process as the eviction moratorium comes to an end. In addition to that, he gives tips and valuable insight into how to treat and view renters and landlords during this time. He also highlights options and goals that property managers …[Read More]

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