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Episode 68: Pet-Inclusiveness in Multifamily – Judy Bellack

“We already are starting to see movement in the industry with companies easing their restrictions – in a really smart way.”

Join us in this week’s episode as we talk with the Industry Principal for Michelson Found Animals, Judy Bellack! Judy brings pet-inclusivity to the forefront of the multifamily conversation. Her 30 years of multifamily industry experience has aided Judy in spearheading Michelson’s Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative which collects data and formats resources for apartments …[Read More]

Episode 67: AI and Emotional Intelligence Working Together – Dalia Kalgreen

“AI is more to help promote you and come alongside you rather than replace you.”

Today we’re joined in the AIM Studio by Dalia Kalgreen, Director of Marketing at Unified Residential Management! Before the beginning of the pandemic, Dalia was ahead of the game in her research into the advantages of utilizing AI. Now with everything going on, it has become a valuable asset to …[Read More]

Episode 66: Company Culture: Why it Matters Now More Than Ever – Tedd Schonsheck

“At the end of the day, we’re in the business of people.”

Today we’re joined by a man experienced in the military, waste, retail, and real estate industries, among others – Tedd Schonsheck! With such an extensive background, Tedd has a lot to offer in terms of business knowledge and knowhow. In this episode, he discusses company culture with us and the reason why so …[Read More]

Episode 65: Education Changes and Future in Property Management – Steven Wunch

“If you’re not growing, you’re not going in the right direction.”

Join us as we host Steve Wunch, Sr. Director of Business Development for Leap! Steve discusses education and learning interests in this episode and how we can change our approaches and views of them to suit and engage our employees. The goal is to make it interesting and captivating for those that are …[Read More]

Episode 64: How to Prevent and Break Through Burnout – Jessica Rector

“It’s about peeling back layers and getting to the root cause…oftentimes, it isn’t what you think.”

Jessica Rector, the top burnout and mind wellness expert, joins us to talk about an ever-growing, relevant issue in today’s world: burnout. She believes burnout can come in any of the three stages– habits, environment, and work culture–and that each of these areas can be changed and transformed …[Read More]

Episode 63: Diversity & Inclusion – Alycia Anderson

“If we don’t get to the human-to-human aspect of [diversity] then we literally don’t progress.”

Motivational speaker and diversity and inclusion advocator, Alycia Anderson, joins us today! Her mission is to promote and encourage inclusion of those who are disabled and to demonstrate to companies on how to do this. Her own story gives her unique insight into the different ways diversity and inclusion are …[Read More]

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