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Episode 26: Exposure & Effectiveness of Advertising – Kathryn Benadum

“Getting traffic to property websites is only one part of the game. It’s never been more important to find quality ways that work to drive leads.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney sit down with Kathryn Benadum, the North Regional Sales Director for PERQ, a software solution company based out of Indianapolis. PERQ’s marketing cloud utilizes Al to engage property website visitors, and better convert this traffic into high …[Read More]

Episode 25: What They Read – Courtney Smith & Matt Ruedlinger

“In order to be successful, we constantly have to be educating ourselves, moving forward, and trying to better our day-to-day activities and the way we look at things and do things.”

Are you constantly wondering what professional development book you’re going to read next? Well, worry no more!

In this episode, Matt and Courtney go over some of their previous guests’ favorite books, as well as why these specific books were chosen. Matt and Courtney even throw in a few favorite books …[Read More]

Episode 24: The Future of Payment Options – Karthik Manimozhi

Karthik is the CEO and Executive Board Director at RentMoola.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • Karthik’s journey, and the interesting story of how he got where he is today
  • An in-depth overview of what RentMoola is and how it is going to change the future of payment options
  • Future trends happening in the industry

How to connect:
Check out or reach out to Karthik at [email protected]

Episode 23: The Next Level of Resident Engagement – Zach Sloan

Zach Sloan is the co-founder of Rentgrata, the first renter insights platform that creates connections and builds community for multifamily properties.

Listen in to learn more about:
-What is Rentgrata, what sparked the idea, and how it got started from there
-What the process looks like for someone who is looking to lease
-Increases in conversions through Rentgrata versus a conventional website contact form
-Benefits Zach has seen from prospects who have used Rentgrata, and the personalization this offers that other …[Read More]

Episode 22: Social Media Privacy Threats & Risks – Katie Rigsby

With over 20 years of experience in multi-family, Katie is the President of Katie Rigsby Inspires LLC, where she shares her experiences and expertise in this industry, consulting as a key note speaker.

Listen in to learn more about:
-Social media privacy and threats/risks with it
-Remembering and keeping in mind that there are regulations when interacting with customers online, and knowing what to be conscious of
-Posting with intention and always planning things out ahead of time
-What different social …[Read More]

Episode 21: Is Your Onsite Team Ready When the Experience Breaks Down – Annette Franz

Annette Franz is the Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She is an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader, coach, consultant, and speaker.

Listen in to learn more about:
-Delivering a great customer experience and meeting the obvious expectations, while knowing how to handle situations where things might not go as planned
-The difference between customer experience and customer service 
-Thinking ahead for all different “what if’s”, and having a game plan in place for long-term customer satisfaction
-Mapping a …[Read More]

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