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Episode 110: From Pet Friendly to Pet People – David Meit

Over the last three years, 10s of millions of animals were adopted or purchased and joined families across the nation. David Meit and his company, Oculus Realty, have found a way to embrace this trend by creating a welcoming, inclusive community for pets and their parents. Today, David joins us to discuss the challenges and rewards of open pet policies and the value of being as passionate as your residents are for all our pets.

Episode 109: Servant Leadership – Todd Allen

“You aren’t wired as a leader, it’s an evolution.”

Todd Allen, founder and CEO of Connect, a multifamily digital ad tech company, sits down to discuss servant leadership and its ability to be a learned skilled. Servant leaders embrace availability and communication to build strong, high-performing teams. Being open and transparent with team members creates a comfortable environment for them to share feedback and ideas in actionable ways.

Connect with Todd
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Episode 108: Private or Public – Adam Meshekow

In episode 108 we sit down with Adam Meshekow, cofounder and chief growth officer at Leap, a provider of innovative occupancy and risk management solutions for multifamily and single-family rental markets.

We discuss property technology’s move from the private to public sector, pros and cons of each, and how the proptech industry will continue to innovate as the new generation of renters search for “experience” over features and amenities.

Connect with Adam
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Episode 107: Rethinking Internships – Moshe Crane

How can we create more talent? Moshe Crane, joins us to share a new perspective on hiring and training talent. Moshe is the director of leasing and marketing at Sage Ventures, a residential development and investment firm in Baltimore, Maryland. He and his company developed a leasing training and internship program that seeks to hire people who have yet to enter the job market. Moshe’s discovered that hires who have little to no experience in multifamily marketing bring a fresh …[Read More]

Episode 106: Marketing: Last to Get Credit, First to Get Blamed

How can we move marketing from “What’s my ROI?” into being seen as a strategic revenue producing and predictable lever? Erina Malarkey, cofounder of Remarkably, joins us to discuss the marketing funnel, how it changes and evolves as we approach a sale, and how we can tell if it’s working.

There are five lenses through which you need to evaluate the success of your marketing. Learn how these lenses can be matched to company goals to measure …[Read More]

Episode 105: Pet Friendly in Multifamily – Devir & Danit Zivan

We all have seen the “pet friendly” tag line in the majority of apartment community marketing. Have you considered what it really means to be pet friendly? Sibling co-founders, Devir and Danit of Bark Buildings, join us today to discuss how you can take pet friendly to the next level!
Over 67% of households have at least 1 pet. Learn how Devir and Danit are creating an experience for your residents that will positively impact their lives and keep them living …[Read More]

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