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Episode 74: What Do Celebrities Have to do with Multifamily Marketing? – Courtney Patterson

“When your goal is branding and awareness, it’s really important to know exactly where it’s going…”

On this installment of Apartments on the Go, Courtney Patterson, Senior Director of Marketing at Northwood Ravin, joins us to talk about celebrity influences in the multifamily industry. Highlighting talking points discussed during AIM 2021, Courtney expands on the opportunities to utilize celebrities in marketing strategies. She emphasizes the importance of having a plan and purpose in mind when …[Read More]

Episode 73: Influencer Marketing in Multifamily – Sydney Webber

“Even though influencers may not be your first or last touch in your funnel, they are a very impactful touch to show the lifestyle of your community.”

Another installment straight from AIM 2021 featuring creative marketer Sydney Webber! In this episode, Sydney tackles the subject of influencer marketing. She discusses her own experience implementing the social media-focused marketing tactics and the fruitful results! Sydney also gives extensive details on how our listeners can utilize the …[Read More]

Episode 72: When is it Time to Reimagine Everything? – Sarah Wieman & Cedric Hendrix

“Opening your ears and your mind to other perspectives will help you collaboratively come up with the best solution.”

In this episode, Sarah Wieman and Cedric Hendrix join us in the AIM Studio to discuss their methods of reimagining old ideas and making them new. Cedric explores going paperless, locating talent, and implementing training strategies that work. Sarah examines what it means to reimagine and how it can help businesses grow and change. Both of …[Read More]

Episode 71: Expectations of Around-The-Clock Leasing – Kitty Callaghan

“Let’s get out of our minds… and think like a customer – what matters to them?”

Another episode we recorded live from the 2021 AIM Conference features Kitty Callaghan, VP of Marketing at Wasatch Property Management! Kitty joined us to talk about the new process of around-the-clock leasing and the implementation of charging stations for tenants. She explains how technology, while it can never replace people, can be utilized to make the customer experience smoother and …[Read More]

Episode 70: The AIM Story and What’s Next! – Steve Lefkovits & Dennis Cogbill

“AIM is really just a reflection of the aspirations of the people in the community and how they want to get better at serving residents…”

Our first episode recorded live from the 2021 AIM Conference features the hosts of AIM, Steve Lefkovits and Dennis Cogbill! They joined us to discuss the origins and goals of AIM, as well as share their thoughts on the future of the multifamily industry! They talk about the numerous ways …[Read More]

Episode 69: Get to Know AOTG Co-Host Courtney Smith with Special Guest Host Tara Samuels

In this week’s podcast, we shake things up! Tara Samuels is our special guest host for the day and interviews Apartments on the Go co-host Courtney Smith! They discuss life, Barrett & Stokely, the podcast and even goat yoga and zodiac signs! Take a listen and get to know Courtney!

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