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Episode 47: Garbage In Garbage Out – Curt Mercadante

Ask your customers what they want & then listen!

Learn to be more purposeful, productive and prosperous with tips from this week’s guest Curt Mercadante!  Curt shares valuable insights on the importance of real human conversation and knowing your impact story.  Learn how to avoid “verbal vomit” and instead give your customers what they want!   

Episode 46: Best Bad News – Breaking Down Customer Feedback – Gary Gregory

“Peel back the emotional layer & look for the root cause!”

Are your customers just a generic number or do you really engage with them and value their feedback? When we get feedback generally we automatically feel like it’s going to be bad news, especially when it comes from our customers. In this podcast our guest Gary Gregory aims to shift this perspective and show …[Read More]

Episode 45: Ethics of A Digital Brand – Muhammad Yasin

“When you’re yourself you’re actually doing your best work.”

Today’s guest Muhammad Yasin, joins us to talk about how to unmask your true identity. Instead of focusing your energy on what you’re NOT, he recommends focusing on what you ARE. He also provides some valuable insight on how to land your dream job and what it means to be authentic in today’s society!

Episode 44: Set Your Temperature. Lead and Create Your Culture – Jason Barger

Episode 44 Show Notes:

Work to proactively shape the culture around you! Be a thermostat. Not a thermometer.

Guest Jason Barger; a dynamic keynote speaker, storyteller, established author and fellow podcaster; joins us to talk about CULTURE.  Every human being is part of a group of some kind.  Why do some groups/organizations succeed and others merely maintain?  Those that thrive are proactively shaping the …[Read More]

Episode 43: Automation Expanding Multifamily Business Models – Steve Lefkovits

“Participating and learning is the answer, not resisting.”

Technology and innovation.  These two trends are shaping the future of the multifamily industry. Steve Lefkovits; a Multifamily Technology, Investor, Advisor and Promoter; joins us today to talk about best practices and how to be a forward thinker.     

Technology is a “silent revolution” and over the last few years, it has become a …[Read More]

Episode 42: Adapting Your Management Style – Clint Pulver

“Management is the #1 reason why people stay, and it’s also the #1 reason people leave a job.”

Are you struggling to create an environment that promotes employee loyalty and retention?  On this week’s episode, Clint Pulver, professional keynote speaker and author of the upcoming book “I Love It Here” provides our listeners with tips on how to do just that!

Over …[Read More]

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