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Episode 60: Coaxing Top Notch Service From Burned Out Teams – Kara Rice & Steve Matre

“Don’t try to guess what your team members want, but really find out from them.”

Come listen as we’re joined by two very valuable guests: Kara Rice and Steve Matre! Together, they break down the best solutions to ensuring your team’s success at persevering through the differences and challenges of the current work environment. They place great emphasis on ensuring that your team feels valued …[Read More]

Episode 59: Video Beyond the Pandemic – Sarah Vilmain

“There’s a level of intimacy in building a relationship with video.”

Sarah Vilmain joins us today to discuss SalesMail, a branded video messaging app that allows you to personalize your emails! Sarah delves into the riches of communicating through video and how it can enhance your chances of capturing potential residents’ attention, attracting employees and so much more! In today’s world, it’s important to …[Read More]

Episode 58: Micro Grocery Stores Inside Multi Family Apartments – Corey Parchman

“What can you do to stand out?

Join us as we talk with former NFL wide receiver turned businessman, Corey Parchman, about his innovative grocery store – C Store Integrations! Corey developed the idea after asking “What can I do to stand out?” in the real estate/multifamily business world. The micro-grocery store inside of a multifamily building with a wide variety of available products …[Read More]

Episode 57: Finding Your Cumulative Advantage – Mark W. Schaefer

“To succeed today really requires looking at the world in a different way.”

Globally recognized author, speaker, podcaster and business consultant, Mark Schaefer, joins us as he discusses the seams, shifts, and changes of the business world today and how to take advantage of them. Expanding upon his new book Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business, and Life Against All Odds, Mark …[Read More]

Episode 56: How to “A.M.P. Up” Your Multifamily Network – Tara Samuels

“The problem with following the crowd is it’s crowded.”

Today’s guest, Tara Samuels, has been helping apartment management professionals “AMP UP” their network one connection at a time!  Tara is a self-described networking junkie and shares with us 5 EASY TIPS to help build genuine connections with your residents and team!  With her creative ideas and bubbly personality you are guaranteed to love this podcast!!      

Episode 55: Enjoying Your Apartment Community – Evan Happel

Manage Like A Boss!

If you are in multifamily property management and haven’t heard of the company Luminous, today’s podcast is for you!  Guest Evan Happel, Director of Marketing for Luminous, joins us to tell us about the company and their exciting software solutions built specifically for apartment and condo communities!

  • :56 – Meet Evan – takes his passions for community building …[Read More]

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