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Episode 66: Company Culture: Why it Matters Now More Than Ever – Tedd Schonsheck

“At the end of the day, we’re in the business of people.”

Today we’re joined by a man experienced in the military, waste, retail, and real estate industries, among others – Tedd Schonsheck! With such an extensive background, Tedd has a lot to offer in terms of business knowledge and knowhow. In this episode, he discusses company culture with us and the reason why so many companies get it wrong. Tedd continually emphasizes that it’s not about what type of system you implement for company culture, rather it’s about the investment of leaders into their teams and individual employees. Take a listen as he explains how to get company culture right and how to invest more strongly in your work family.

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Episode 65: Education Changes and Future in Property Management – Steven Wunch

“If you’re not growing, you’re not going in the right direction.”

Join us as we host Steve Wunch, Sr. Director of Business Development for Leap! Steve discusses education and learning interests in this episode and how we can change our approaches and views of them to suit and engage our employees. The goal is to make it interesting and captivating for those that are learning and to continually foster their eagerness to apply themselves! Steve has a multitude of ideas and ways in which education can be fun and catered towards the individual’s needs! Listen to this episode and learn about ways to not only apply these ideas in your own life, but to also implement them in your approach to training others!

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Episode 64: How to Prevent and Break Through Burnout – Jessica Rector

“It’s about peeling back layers and getting to the root cause…oftentimes, it isn’t what you think.”

Jessica Rector, the top burnout and mind wellness expert, joins us to talk about an ever-growing, relevant issue in today’s world: burnout. She believes burnout can come in any of the three stages– habits, environment, and work culture–and that each of these areas can be changed and transformed in achievable ways to produce incredible results. Jessica’s techniques have helped some companies save $7-8 million in a matter of months by solving a single problem! Her deep dive and diagnostics could be the solution you need for yourself or your team! Take a listen and find out more on how to solve burnout and implement habits that work!

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Episode 63: Diversity & Inclusion – Alycia Anderson

“If we don’t get to the human-to-human aspect of [diversity] then we literally don’t progress.”

Motivational speaker and diversity and inclusion advocator, Alycia Anderson, joins us today! Her mission is to promote and encourage inclusion of those who are disabled and to demonstrate to companies on how to do this. Her own story gives her unique insight into the different ways diversity and inclusion are overlooked and how to remedy those failures. She has a multitude of ideas and ways in which disabled people can add to their environment, whether through work or everyday life, and why companies should notice this and take advantage of it. Take a listen and learn more about the ways you can better the inclusion in your work force and your life!

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Episode 62: Resident Engagement and Experience – Jude Chiy

“Stop doing boring resident events!”

Today we’re joined by Jude Chiy to find out more about his company – Flamingo! By combining his passion for health wellness with his business mindset, Jude was able to create a company that enhances and elevates property events to the next level! He expands on how Flamingo takes the weight off property managers to organize resident interactions by instead doing all the work for them. Take a listen and find out why “Breakfast Grab ‘n’ Gos” and “Pizza Parties” may no longer be the answer!

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Episode 61: Get to Know AOTG Co-Host Matt Ruedlinger with Special Guest Host Tara Samuels

In this week’s podcast, we shake things up! Tara Samuels is our special guest host for the day and interviews Apartments on the Go co-host Matt Ruedlinger! They discuss life, Triple R Marketing, the podcast and even the story behind his “musical solos”! Take a listen and learn more about Matt and how he helps host this valuable resource while maintaining a business!

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