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Remote Management, Then and Now – Jeff Lubow

Today we’re reviewing our past episodes and reposting our favorites! This episode with Jeff Lubow applies even more heavily today than ever before. Jeff shares his career path and his advice on how to evolve and acclimate with technology. He also discusses his views on working remotely, how productivity has looked from his side, and why he prefers working remotely and using different platforms versus working face-to-face in most situations. Take a listen to this previous episode of Apartments on the Go and find out the ways you can apply it today!

Episode 79: Women in Technology and Marketing – Stephanie Gonzalez, Cara Athmann, Whitney Kidd

On this episode we’re joined by three incredible women in the technology and marketing industry, Stephanie Gonzalez, Cara Athmann, and Whitney Kidd! Hosted by Courtney Smith, they discuss the triumphs and challenges within their careers and how they celebrated and overcame them. They also talk about the best strategies they implemented during the pandemic and how they faced the obstacles that it presented. Finally, they give their advice for the next generation of upcoming men and women looking for careers in business. Take a listen and hear more from these talented women!

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Episode 78: Finding Talent in the Multifamily Maintenance Field – Adrian C. Danila

“When you have a professional that has this much knowledge, how would you not treat them as your equal?”

Today’s episode features Adrian C. Danila, an expert in the multifamily industry since 2003. We sat down with Adrian to discuss the necessities of maintaining a quality service team that will not only benefit the residents, but also the company. Adrian talks about how to treat maintenance professionals equally, how to recognize and appreciate their importance to the property, and how to competitively set their wages in the industry in order to find and foster talent. Hear all of this and much more in this week’s episode!

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Episode 77: The Voice of Multifamily Matters Radio Show – Paul Marks

In today’s episode we sit down with Paul Marks, host of the Multifamily Matters Radio Show! We discussed new technologies and ideas in the multifamily world as well as where the industry seems to be headed. Paul also shared his favorite shows, most impactful moments, and the history behind the creation of the Multifamily Matters Radio Show. If you’re interested, any episodes Paul mentioned in today’s podcast can be listened to at! Be sure to check it out!

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Episode 76: The Great Resignation – Jessica Fern-Kirkland

“Employers want to make their employees happy; we have to give them the chance though.”

This episode features a second appearance of Jessica Fern-Kirkland on Apartments On the Go! She joined us to talk about the The Great Resignation that has followed the business industry since COVID-19 began. As someone who has switched jobs in the midst of the pandemic, Jessica has incredible insights on how to know when it’s time to grow and shift your focus, while doing so successfully. Five key concepts that she implements are being vulnerable, assessing her strengths, being transparent, seeking stability, and strategizing for success. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about Jessica’s helpful techniques!

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Episode 75: Community Art as an Amenity and Differentiator – Manuela Seve

“We want the DNA of the neighborhoods to be fully integrated into the properties themselves.”

On this episode we are joined by Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha’a, Manuela Seve! Her company brings the concepts of decorating to life by designing individual units and entire complexes with unique art pieces produced by the surrounding community. Manuela helps redefine the amenities that come with leasing furniture from an apartment by adding art pieces as another option, while also integrating the talent within the property’s local community. She explains what it’s like to work with her team to create spaces that current and potential tenants will love and how it can boost revenue and growth! Take a listen and learn more about this unique design opportunity!

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