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Episode 116: The New Era of Renting – Julie Butler

Have you considered allowing residents to home-share? Would a 10% or higher revenue lift persuade you to try? Join us on our first podcast of 2023, as Julie Butler dives into the in’s and outs of Sentral’s unique and modern approach to property management; the new era of renting is flexible lease terms. Hear how pushing past the boundaries of traditional leasing can benefit your company, your residents and especially your employees. We think we may have tapped into the next big trend!

Episode 110: From Pet Friendly to Pet People – David Meit

Over the last three years, 10s of millions of animals were adopted or purchased and joined families across the nation. David Meit and his company, Oculus Realty, have found a way to embrace this trend by creating a welcoming, inclusive community for pets and their parents. Today, David joins us to discuss the challenges and rewards of open pet policies and the value of being as passionate as your residents are for all our pets.

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Episode 105: Pet Friendly in Multifamily – Devir & Danit Zivan

We all have seen the “pet friendly” tag line in the majority of apartment community marketing. Have you considered what it really means to be pet friendly? Sibling co-founders, Devir and Danit of Bark Buildings, join us today to discuss how you can take pet friendly to the next level!
Over 67% of households have at least 1 pet. Learn how Devir and Danit are creating an experience for your residents that will positively impact their lives and keep them living in your communities even longer.
“If your doctor could prescribe a pet, they would!”
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Episode 104: Acceptance of Automation – Ellen Thompson

Today we are joined by Ellen Thompson, digital marketing expert and Founder and CEO of Respage and Results Repeat! She discusses the stigmas of automation and how those stigmas are steadily being broken in the multifamily industry. She also highlights the advantages of automation in terms of the overall customer experience. Ellen shares the technological side of automation as well, explaining what’s needed for a chatbot to be successful.

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Episode 103: So…You Wanna Be a Speaker? – Steve Wunch

Today we are joined once again by Steve Wunch! Steve discusses the ins and outs of what it takes to be a speaker and to reach your audience. He provides tips and tricks for people who are afraid of public speaking but still want to deliver messages that they care about. It’s all about having passion for your topic and being confident in your knowledge of it!

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Episode 102: Crisis Management in Multifamily – Peter Jakel

Today we are joined by Peter Jakel to discuss crisis management within the multifamily industry. Peter expands on the importance of having a crisis management plan in place for not only the residents’ sake, but also for the benefit of the property and its image. He also shares how crisis management can potentially help avoid future conflicts and issues by addressing them early. Take a listen and hear this and so much more!

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