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Episode 113: Pros and Cons to Contract vs In-House Production – Matt Ruedlinger

Our guest list looks a little different this week! Matt is taking the opposite side of the mic to tell us more about his company’s decision to bring embroidery in-house. From new production equipment to an apparel showroom, Triple R Marketing is bringing more services to multifamily property owners and teams.

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Episode 111: Hyper-Personalization within the Leasing Journey – Jacob Carter

“The renter’s journey is a complicated spider web of forks, turns, AND twists. We have to be able to adapt as on-site teams and as tech providers to that branching spider web and work accordingly.”

Jacob Carter, founder and CEO of Nurture Boss, joins us to discuss hyper-personalization in marketing campaigns. 80% of consumers are much more likely to make a purchase if their experience is personalized. How can we take this information and implement it into the renter customer journey?

“What we should be doing, as we’re nurturing these prospects, is understanding how the questions they’re asking us are actually painting us a roadmap for success on how to sell them on the property … how to turn them into a customer and into a resident.”

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