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Episode 31: Ignite Your Motivational Fire – Cliff Devries

“...How can we break this down? How can we put it into really small steps so that, every day, we can have a little success and get over a little challenge?”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Cliff Devries, the Head Diving Coach at the Rochester Institute of Technology, a private research university based in Rochester, New York. Throughout his 17-year career as the Head Diving Coach for RIT, he has coached eight All-Americans and every season, has a host of divers in the mix for All-American honors. He is also the CEO of The Professional Diving Coaches Association.

In 2018, Cliff was awarded the Richard E. Steadman Award by the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America. He became the first diving coach to win the award, which is given annually to a swimming or diving coach in high school, club, or at the university level who, in the opinion of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inc. the CSCAA Forum, and the CSCAA, has done the most to spread happiness in the sport of swimming and diving.

In addition to his numerous awards and national championships, Cliff has also been featured on ESPN, USA Today, and as a TEDx speaker with his segment, “Breathe Fire.” Soon, he will be releasing a book.

In this episode, Cliff gives insight into his long, successful career as a diving coach and how the mentality and techniques he uses with his divers can be applied to individuals and businesses alike. 

RIT athletics department website:
The Professional Diving Coaches Association website:
Cliff’s email: [email protected]

Episode 30: It’s a Bot Time – Robert Turnbull

“Renters want real-time, accurate conversations. They want it wherever they are in the digital marketplace.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Robert Turnbull, the President and Founder of BetterBot, a company that aims to build the best conversational leasing bot in the real estate rental market.

Robert has more than 20 years in multifamily property management and 25 years inventing businesses, even creating Apartment Guide in 1999. And he’s learned a thing or two during that time. Mainly, he’s learned about the lack of technological solutions available in the industry.

“Property managers and leasing staff are overwhelmed. They are overwhelmed by vendors, residents, potential residents, and technologies, and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year.”

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to improving the multifamily property management sector, Robert is on the way to bringing the industry into a new age of truly seamless technology solutions that benefits both the renter and the leasing staff.

“Let’s enable the consumer to engage in the same manner they can with airlines, hotels, heck, even Uber Eats.”

BetterBot website:
Apartment Guide website:
Rentals website:
Robert’s LinkedIn:

Episode 29: The Why and Value of Getting Involved with Associations – Megan Orser

“…To me, the wealth is so deep in the network that we can rely on, and that’s what really makes us successful.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Megan Orser, the CEO and Director of Professional Development of Smart Apartment Solutions, a company that delivers custom, innovative solutions to a wide variety of property management problems, including marketing, staffing, education, and more.

Megan grew up in the property management industry, as her mom was a community manager and her dad was maintenance technician. At Smart Apartment Solutions, Megan works alongside her mom, Dawn Ford. Between the two of them, they have more six decades of apartment industry experience. Megan also currently serves on 11 local, state, and national committees and councils for property management.

She says the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the property management realm, while also revealing some of its shortcomings.

“Property management is passive with embracing technology or change in general. It took a pandemic for a large part of the industry to get on board with online applications and video, especially in our affordable and low income communities. It also bugs me that some owners and operators don’t find value or support their people getting involved in associations and committees. I have learned a lot from mentors like my mom, but getting involved in something that allows people to come together and share and learn from one another makes me scratch my head on why they don’t see value in that.”

With her extensive experience in professional apartment networking and apartment associations, Megan shares the importance of becoming part of a network that allows you to improve your business through the sharing of resources and experiences, as well as creating and maintaining professional relationships.

Smart Apartment Solutions website:
Indiana Apartment Association website:
Institute of Real Estate Management website:
Multifamily Insiders website:
Megan’s Twitter handle: @SmartChickMegan
Megan’s LinkedIn:
Megan’s email: [email protected]

Episode 28: Turning Purpose and Motivation into Action – Jamie Dalferes

“…Because operational training within itself is only about 10% of a person’s performance. You have to look at the other 90%. That’s where the problem usually lies.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Jamie Dalferes, the founder and CEO of Change Reaction, a company that aims to improve employee retention and performance with definitive steps and measurable outcomes through its three-step solution: hiring right, leading right, and promoting right.

Jamie has worked in the learning and development sector for more than 20 years. Throughout her experiences, she says that training, or the lack of training, is often blamed for performance issues. When she dug a little deeper, she discovered an underlying theme that revolves around the right person in the right role, and how they are being lead on a day-to-day basis.

“As a leader or a business owner, you really have to look at what vibe are you trying to create? You have to define it, you have to be really intentional about supporting it. What is the culture of your company? What do you stand for? Why would people want to work for you? What do you value? What message are you trying to get across to your customers and your clients? And then, you hire people to that intention.”

With her extensive experience in bettering companies and their employees, Jamie discusses best practices for hiring prospective employees, how to have various types of needed conversations with current employees, and  the best problem-solving approaches to take in order to have long-term company and employee success.

Change Reaction website:
Jamie’s LinkedIn:

Episode 27: 9 Lives of Printing – Joe Summers

“COVID has taught our industry to expect the unexpected…I think there is going to be a shift in what residents truly want moving forward.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney chat with Joe Summers, the Chief Revenue Officer for PrintWithMe, a printing network company based out of Chicago. PrintWithMe is the first network self-serving, modern printer stations. Their printers can be found in more than 1,000 locations across the US, including coffee shops, apartments, and co-working spaces.

Joe has more than 20 years in the multifamily property management industry. Though a veteran in property management, he says the recent COVID-19 pandemic made him think about the future of the business.

“We know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, that definition happens daily in multifamily. COVID-19 has taught us that we can and should be future-proofing communities with forward-thinking technologies. Printer tech is one of those technologies. Work from home was a growing trend before, and it is now a very big part of a resident’s living experience. Communities need to offer amenities and services that make working and schooling from home easier.”

With this new realization, Joe discusses the prioritization shift from design and space to function and convenience within properties. He also shares his expertise on the future of multifamily home technology and what residents will expect after the COVID-19 pandemic.

PrintWithMe website:
AvalonBay Communities website:
“VoteWithMe” campaign:
Joe’s email: [email protected]
Joe’s LinkedIn:

Episode 26: Exposure & Effectiveness of Advertising – Kathryn Benadum

“Getting traffic to property websites is only one part of the game. It’s never been more important to find quality ways that work to drive leads.”

In this episode, Matt and Courtney sit down with Kathryn Benadum, the North Regional Sales Director for PERQ, a software solution company based out of Indianapolis. PERQ’s marketing cloud utilizes Al to engage property website visitors, and better convert this traffic into high quality leads for leasing teams.

Within the property management industry, especially in the multifamily sector, Kathryn says that, “Exposure is a big part of the game, but driving traffic is only one part. As an industry, we have to zero in on the effectiveness of all sources down to the lease in order to know how to maximize individual property marketing budgets. So many dollars wasted when we assume we ‘have’ to be seen somewhere.” 

With this mindset, Kathryn shares her expertise on the effectiveness of strategic digital advertising in order to make the most of your budget while generating quality leads. She also touches on the mass transformation and adaptation of online touring tools, including virtual leasing, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PERQ website:
Kathryn’s email: [email protected]
Apartment Guide website:

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